The Advantages of Letting Consumers Know Your Product is Kosher

The economy is tight, expenses are always growing, and now, more than ever, every dollar counts. Every company has a budget – ingredients, packaging, staff, advertising, certifications – and each category is assigned a dollar amount, for many companies an amount that is hard to stick with. Make the most of your kosher certification AND your advertising budget at the same time by clearly advertising your product as kosher certified, using the word “KOSHER” and/or the OK Kosher symbol in your ads.

When a kosher consumer sees an advertisement for a product, the first thing he/she looks for is an indication that the product is kosher. Without a kosher symbol, the kosher consumer quickly moves on without stopping to learn about the product. To the kosher consumer, the kosher status comes before the ingredients, before the nutrition panel, and even before the price of the item.

In addition to the approximately 1.3 million Jewish Americans who exclusively purchase kosher products, 21% (about 12.25 million) of Americans occasionally or regularly buy kosher products specifically because they bear a kosher symbol.

You chose kosher certification because you know it is important to your target markets. Let consumers know, loud and clear, that your product meets the highest standard of kosher certification with a prominent OK symbol on your next advertisement.


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