A Legacy of Excellence

Over the last 85+ years, OK Kosher has certified nearly 600,000 products – making the OK symbol one of the most instantly recognizable in the history of kosher certification. Operating in 99 countries, the OK symbol has become a global representation of the highest standards in kosher.

The OK symbol is broadly understood and easily recognized. It’s universally accepted and respected.

A Symbol of Integrity

Our ethos is Kosher without compromise, and like you, we are fiercely passionate about upholding our core promise.

Our reputation is hard-earned through time-tested, rigorous standards of kashrut – standards we uphold from a place of deep personal values.

And we will continue to uphold that integrity at every touchpoint.

OK building

Our Clients Speak


Our onboarding process was both informative and supportive. The Rabbi and the New Certification Specialist were knowledgeable and accessible throughout. A special 'thank you' to them both!

Evergrain, LLC

Q: What went well with your OK Kosher onboarding? A: The Rabbi. The advice. The support. Everything. The New Certification Specialist and Rabbi are both very co-operative, extremely understanding, very clear with concepts and in communication. We really enjoyed working with them!

TAGFEEF Food Processing

Everyone was very responsive and provided all the guidance we needed throughout the process. Everything is very good, the OK team is very nice, helpful and high class.

UAB Dehidra

We had to switch our kosher certification unexpectedly. OK’s New Certification Specialist was extremely patient and explained everything very well to us.

Seville Products LLC - IFFCO

We've worked with OK Kosher for years and we always have a great experience and great service. The team is very well prepared and all our concerns were answered

Peter Cremer Brasil LTDA

The OK team was very committed to our company and resolved any doubts with a lot of knowledge and input.

Casa Cuervo S.A de C.V

Everyone was very responsive and provided all the guidance we needed throughout the process.

Natural Bioscience (Nugema Research Inc.)

Certifying our first plant in India was a pleasant experience with OK Kosher. The OK team has always supported us and we look forward for the same. Their reps are very co-operative and extremely understanding. They were clear in explaining concepts and in overall communication. We really enjoyed working with them and look forward to certification of our other plants with OK Kosher!

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.

We wouldn’t change a thing. The OK has a very responsible team, who always gives us all the information we need.

Lubrisint Lubrificantes Sintéticos Especiais Ltda

With OK Kosher, we get open communication and quick responses to our questions.

Fee Brothers.

OK Kosher gives us very good communication, professional support, and a kind relationship.