Private Label Agreement Target

Benefit from your manufacturer’s kosher status.

Do you have a private label agreement with a manufacturer that’s OK Kosher certified?  Do you want to use the trademarked OK Kosher symbol on your product packaging and marketing materials?   All that’s needed is to apply for a private label agreement (PLA) with OK Kosher.  To do so, just fill out our private label application.  Once submitted, a Private Label Specialist will contact you to determine whether you’re eligible for a private label agreement with OK Kosher.  They’ll go over the cost, next steps and help you through the quick process.  The private label agreement is necessary to protect both the certified manufacturer, the OK and the kosher consumer.  There’s no fee or obligation with this quick consultation.  However, there is a nominal, annual charge for the agreement and maintenance of your account.

Once the private label agreement has been fully executed, the manufacturer may print the trademarked OK symbol on your labels. In addition, we’ll issue your OK Kosher certificates in the name of your company, concealing the identity of your chosen manufacturer.

Who’s Private Labeling with OK Kosher?

Hundreds of companies all over the world trust the standards of OK Kosher and its symbol to represent their brand.  We’re proud to certify some of the nation’s largest private label brand owners.  They include names such as Kroger, Trader Joe’s, Target, Albertsons, Euro-Nat Albertson’s Inc., Loblaw, Costco, B.J.’s Wholesale, Key Food, Family Dollar, 7-Eleven, Safeway Limited, Sam’s Club, Fairway, and many more.

Let’s get started.

For more information or assistance with private labels, please contact our Private Label Specialist to at 718-907-9589;

If neither your company nor your chosen manufacturer are OK Kosher certified and are looking to become certified, please submit a standard manufacturing application here.

For restaurant or caterer certification, apply here.

To learn more about our full certification; check out the benefits and process of becoming OK Kosher certified.