When we ask Hashem to fulfill our requests, it is befitting to first do teshuvah. We see this in the words of the prayer “…Shome’a tefillah”. The first letters of the words

ברוך אתה השומע תפלה

have the numerical value of 713, which is the same numerical value as תשובה.


Hashem says to man: סלחתי כדברך – the way you beg for forgiveness is the way I will forgive you. When you come with humility and a full heart, Hashem forgives with a full heart.
— Reb Boruch MiMezibuz

Our Chachomim say that whoever fulfills the mitzvah of the bound lulav with the four species is considered as if he has built the Mizbeach (the altar). Interestingly, the altar was 32 cubits by 32 cubits square. 32 x 32 = 1024 which is the exact numerical value of אתרוג לולב הדס ערבה.

In the tefillos of the Yomim Noraim, we say, “…באין מליץ ישר” [When there is no one to intercede on our behalf…] This can also mean that when one humbles himself to the point where he removes the “yeish” [ego] and becomes “ayin” [nothing], the humility  ”באין”  itself becomes his מליץ ישר [advocate].
 — Reb Levi Yitzchok Mi’Berditchev