Kosher Private Label Applications – Now Automated.

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Kosher Private Label Applications – Now Automated. For your kosher convenience.

Kosher Private Label Applications – Now Automated.

For your kosher convenience.

At OK Kosher, we provide thousands of food and beverage companies with quality services for their kosher certification needs.  To that end, we’ve recently automated the OK Kosher private label application process.  Read on to find out how.

What is a Private Label?

Private label products are those produced by a manufacturer and then labelled the with another company’s branding on their behalf.  With food and beverage companies, this is a common practice when the brand-owning company is not a manufacturer.  These brands often don’t have their own product formulas, so they opt to rebrand a product owned by the manufacturer.  Store brands are a common example of this.

OK Kosher private label products are those that are produced by an OK Kosher certified manufacturer and labeled with another company’s brand name.  The company whose brand name appears on the packaging is the private label client.

How We’ve Streamlined the Kosher Private Label Process

Manufacturing companies under OK Kosher’s supervision can now offer this benefit to their kosher private label clients.  This gives private label clients whose products are already under our supervision, the right to use the OK symbol.  The process begins with an online application form, to be filled out by the manufacturer.  This gives us all the information we need to draw up a private label agreement (PLA).  The agreement is necessary to protect both the certified manufacturer and OK Kosher. In order to use this service, there is a nominal, annual fee per private label client (not per product). This is a great opportunity for private labelers to market certified products with the OK Kosher symbol on their packaging.

Making Connections with National Retailers

Further, we’ve formed relationships with key players in the retail space, to make it easier to manage private labels.  You can now directly add new manufacturer connections to your existing private label agreements via our online portal.  This is yet another way in which we constantly strive to make our service more accessible to our customers.

Expand Your Reach – Apply for a PLA

For more information on our private label program, please read more here.  You can also contact your designated OK Kosher account representative or the Private Label Liaison at 718-907-9589 / [email protected].  Or, simply apply directly for a private label agreement here.

Finally, to those who celebrate the Jewish New Year, and all of our customers, wishing you a Shana Tova!  To a year full for blessings and success.

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