Dear Kosher Spirit,

I am a trained herbalist and, as a kosher consumer, I always tried to use herbal products with a reliable hechsher. Much to my surprise, even though I had chosen the appropriate herbs my clients were not getting the ‘refuah’ I expected. After thorough research, I learned that most herbal companies were NOT processing their herbs properly and the herbs were not having the desired effect. Feeling frustrated, I searched for the best and most potent herbal products.

Once I found Herbalist & Alchemist I was instantly impressed by the quality and expertise that went into the processing of the herbs. I started using their products and saw that my clients were able to attain their desired healing. (Because I was using the herbs as “medicine” the rabbis I spoke with allowed my clients to use the herbs even without a hechsher since they were vegetarian and non-dairy). I am so proud and excited that Herbalist & Alchemist chose kosher certification under the OK, making their products accessible to all kosher consumers.

Sara Chana Silverstein

Award Winning Wines
Golan Heights Winery recently won a gold medal at the Citadelles du Vin awards in Bordeaux, France for its 2011 Yarden Heights wine.
The winery also won two silver medals; one for the Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009, and one for the Yarden Syrah, Avital Vineyard, 2008.

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Yummy…all the way to the WICK!

New Yum-Wick edible candles are certified kosher by the OK. Inventor Tara Johnson relates, "I couldn’t have asked for better representation of what we stand for. People trust ok Kosher and their strict standards will give people the comfort they need to enjoy the only candle that is ‘Yummy… all the way to the WICK!’"

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We are pleased to announce that our new website has officially launched! We have completely redesigned the site with simplicity, ease of use in mind, and a strong focus on kosher information.

Clarification: The Hummus Health Facts listed in the Tishrei 5774 issue were not supplied by Sabra Dipping Company, and do not apply specifically to Sabra brand hummus products. These tidbits describing the general health benefits of hummus were compiled by the Kosher Spirit staff from various on-line sources.