Dear Kosher Spirit,

Do cupcake liners need a kosher symbol? How about other common kitchen items, like parchment paper, foil pans, aluminum foil and plastic wrap?


The OK responds:

Cupcake liners are often treated with substances to ensure the cupcake does not stick to the liner and to prevent the liner from disintegrating. Unless the package states the substance is silicone or vegetable based, it is proper to use cupcake liners with a reliable kosher symbol. The same applies to parchment paper, which also needs a reliable kosher symbol.

Aluminum foil pans may be coated with a substance that is problematic for kashrus. Kosher consumers should purchase foil pans with a hechsher OR burn out the pan by inverting it over an open flame for approximately 20 seconds.

Aluminum foil and plastic wrap, however, do not require any kosher supervision for year round use.