Dear Kosher Spirit,
I felt so proud as I read Rabbi Hanoka’s article about his talk to Quality Assurance personnel. It sure is a Kiddush Hashem the way he presented the things the Torah requires us to do and its actual role in today’s modern world in a way that even a regular QA inspector in 2012 can appreciate. If only the rest of the world would look to the way the Torah advises we would all live in a better place!
Shua Landsman

Dear Kosher Spirit,
Since I am an animal lover, I read with great interest the article about kosher dog food in your Pesach issue. Kosher food for pets is something I never thought about. Thanks for looking out for ALL of our kosher needs!
David and "Spot"

Dear Kosher Spirit,
Thank you for your Kosher Food Guide app. What a great help – my family and I were traveling on summer vacation in Maine, we stopped at a large supermarket and were looking for kosher products… We found Wasa bread, but I didn’t know if it was Pas Yisroel. Suddenly I remembered the OK app and at the speed of light, right there in the supermarket aisle, with a touch and swipe of the finger I had my answer. When you’re out and about and are looking for kosher food your app is a life saver.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Dear Kosher Spirit,
I like your Kosher Food Guide app, but can you make it searchable by product name? Not just the company name…

Thank you.

Ed. Note: Esther, stay tuned for an app update in the near future!

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