Dear Kosher Spirit,
What is the difference between OKD and OKDE? Can you eat OKDE with a fleishig meal? Can you eat OKDE if you keep Cholov Yisroel?

The OK responds:

TThe “OKD” designation indicates the presence of actual dairy in the kosher certified product. “OKDE”, however, indicates that a pareve product was made or packaged on clean equipment that is also used for dairy and has not been kashered. “OKDE” cannot be eaten during a fleishig meal or on fleishig keilim, but it can be consumed directly after a fleishig meal.

One who keeps Cholov Yisroel and is makpid to only use Cholov Yisroel keilim (as is the custom among Chassidim and many others), may not consume “OKDE” products since the keilim are used for dairy Cholov Stam.