My Savta, Mrs. Thelma Levy ob”m: My Savta & My Zeidy

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My Savta (great-grandmother) is someone I looked up to. She was a strong woman who always encouraged me and cared about me. Almost every day on my way home from school I would stop by her house. She was always interested in what I was busy with in school. I know my visits made her so happy. She loved when I told her about all the things I baked and she enjoyed it when I showed her pictures of the finished baked goods. When I would come in she would say “Sara, the Baker”. I know she loved me and I feel so lucky and privileged that she lived on the same block as me. I hope to continue to make my Savta proud.

My Zeidy Levy was also a man of strength. He always stood up for what was right and constantly put his family first. For the past year my family had the privilege to have my Zeidy and Bubby shetichya come for the Friday night meal. It always amazed me how Zeidy was so meticulous in every halacha he did, and he did it with such happiness. Just because Hashem said so. One major thing I can learn from both my Savta and my Zeidy is doing things the right way and for the right reasons. They were both such disciplined people and there is so much to learn from that.

The last time I was by my Savta was on Purim and my Zeidy was also there. I remember that he was so happy to see me visiting his mother. I hope to only bring them Nachas. I feel privileged to have such a special Great-Grandmother and Zeidy.