Dear Reader,

The last day of Pesach, Acharon shel Pesach, marks the yahrzeit of my father-in-law, Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, OB”M. It so hard to believe that it’s
already a year since his passing; our office will never be the same and his knowledge, energy, and perseverance are sorely missed.

It’s a year that will never be forgotten; the world as a whole and our personal lives have been changed in so many ways. Our communities have lost so many special people, and masks and social distancing have sadly become part of life.

With restrictions on travel, lockdowns, and quarantines, giving kosher certification during a pandemic can be quite a challenge when you must visit facilities across the globe. At the same time, we learn how to pull ourselves together despite these challenges. Read about how the OK Executive Kashrus Vaad leapt into action, utilizing their combined rabbinic experience and unique abilities, and guided by Rabbi Levy’s standards, to
oversee kosher operations. Hand in hand with hundreds of rabbinical coordinators and rabbinical field representatives, and with immense siyata d’shmaya and a shared goal of unwavering kashrus standards, the Executive Kashrus Vaad is leading the OK ahead to a very bright future.

I once heard that the reason that only Pesach has an “Acharon” is because when Moshiach comes we won’t celebrate Pesach as we do now (see page 23). We hope and pray that the last day of Pesach is the very last day of the last Pesach in Golus. May we merit the Geulah speedily in our days.

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman
Editor in Chief
OK Executive Kashrus Vaad