The relationship between Shiloh Winery and OK Kosher is a natural one. Shiloh’s wines are at the very top of their field, consistently winning international gold medals. Its vineyards and cellars sit upon the ground that served as the home of the Mishkan — the Tabernacle — for 369 years, and scattered around the vineyards are three-thousand-year-old wine presses and wine caves and its owners work in full harmony with the local ecosystems, while fulfilling the requirements of Halacha, Jewish law, at the very highest level. This is consistent with the OK’s mission of providing the kosher consumer with the absolute top echelon in quality and kashrus.

Shiloh’s blend of old and new is evident in the philosophy of its winemaker, internationally recognized expert Amichai Lourie. In this ideal terroir of the Samarian Hills, where cold nights and sunny days create an ideal climate for the young grapes, he uses a careful mix of old and new barrels and grapes from a variety of vines to create Shiloh’s signature wines – Mosaic Exclusive Edition, the flagship Mosaic, Legend Honi, and Legend Fiddler, as well as single-varietal lines, such as Secret Reserve, 6th-year-harvest Secret Reserve, and Shor.

Amichai Lourie and Shiloh’s founder, Dr. Mayer Shomer, are passionate and
uncompromising about wine, about Halacha, and in their love of the Land of Israel. “Making Kiddush – the sanctification of Shabbos – on a wine from Israel is simply on a higher level,” Amichai explains. “Particularly at the Passover Seder, where we are bound to recite the after-blessing on wine, where we thank G-d for ‘the desirable, good land which you have granted to our forefathers, to partake of its fruit and to be satiated of its bounty’, we should strive to truly partake of the very best wines that Israel has to offer.”

Shiloh’s dedication to the highest level of kashrus and mitzvos hatluyos ba’aretz, the commandments of the Land of Israel, is absolute. Its ma’aser rishon — first tithe — is given to pedigreed Levite families; its ma’aser ani — tithe to the poor — is donated anonymously to poor families who enjoy award-winning wines. Amichai Lourie is also consulted frequently by
major kashrus authorities for his practical expertise in the laws of orlah and grafting.

FIRST CUP, Kiddush: Chilled Shiloh Rosé, refreshing with fabulous notes of red and sweet tropical fruits, balanced by mouth-watering acidity and a crisp finish.

SECOND CUP: Old-vintage (2007-2011) Shiloh Mosaic or Secret Reserve, smooth and complex. Naftoli at The Winery in Brooklyn ages Secret Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon to perfection!

THIRD CUP, Birkas Hamazon: 2016-2017 Shiloh Legend Honi. This wine is all about the Land of Israel and about connecting generations; a most appropriate for the theme of the Seder night.

FOURTH CUP: 2017-2018 Shiloh Petit Syrah, with intense flavor and full tannins. This wine will benefit from a long decanting; try using it for Elijah’s cup, and then for the morning Kiddush.