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”Kosher Investigator beautifully captures Rabbi Berel Levy’s remarkable contributions to kosher food – and, more generally, to Judaism. A skilled investigator himself, author Dovid Zakilowski draws on oral interviews, obscure printed sources, and Rabbi Levy’s previously unknown personal papers to provide a revelatory account of his life. Written with great sympathy – and not shying away from controversial topics – this carefully researched book is a page-turner that readers will thoroughly enjoy.”

—Dr. Roger Horowitz
author of Kosher USA: How Coke became kosher and other tales of modern food.


”Kosher Investigator pays honor to a founding father of modern industrial kosher certification. Rabbi Berel Levy’s passionate commitment to yiddishkeit and his keen powers of investigation helped transform the American kosher certification system into a model of reliable private regulation. Dovid Zaklikowski’s inspiring account also reveals the love of Torah and Am Yisroel that motivated Rabbi Levy’s many achievements.“

—Professor Timothy D. Lytton
author of Kosher: Private Regulation in the Age of Industrial Food