Important Information About the Kosher Food Guide

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One of the great features of the OK website is the Kosher Food Guide (KFG).

This guide is continuously updated with newly certified products, providing you with maximum exposure to kosher consumers.

Each time you submit an Application for New Product/Formula, there is an option to select a category for the product. By selecting a category, you enable the product to be listed in the KFG database on our website.

When a product is listed in the KFG, a consumer or industrial buyer can search for your product by category or product name. In addition, if a consumer or buyer searches for a particular category of products, your product will be included in the search results if it is part of that category.

If you have any questions about categorizing your products, or the KFG in general, please do not hesitate to contact your account representative.

If you do NOT wish for your products to be listed in the KFG, kindly email [email protected] and state your preference. If we do not receive a response and you have not indicated your preference on the Application for New Product/Formula, your products will be listed in the KFG.

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