Chaim-Fogelman-144x144Dear Reader,

The days of Elul and the Aseres Yemei Teshuva are times designated to make a cheshbon hanefesh, a stock taking of our spiritual accomplishments and the areas which still need improvement.

Some things are easy for us to spot; we know when we aren’t doing our best. But others are more difficult to identify. Sometimes we overlook the obvious, everyday occurrences and somehow assume that no improvement is needed.

It’s for precisely this reason that OK rabbis and staff members are constantly double checking our work to ensure that everything bearing our symbol is kosher to the highest standard possible. The OK is the only kashrus organization that sends a rabbinic coordinator annually from our main headquarters, who is personally familiar with the facility and products, to double check each facility with fresh eyes, in addition to the regular local visiting rabbis who do the regular kosher inspections.

The great strides that OK Israel is making in the cultivation of insect-free produce, as described in this issue, are a prime example of our unceasing goal to provide products that are kosher without compromise. Enjoy the fascinating article by Maayan Meir that describes the process of growing, inspecting and packaging corn and strawberries that are certified as insect-free.

Finally, as Simchas Torah comes around we all take for granted that most vodka and alcoholic drinks are kosher, but Rabbi Levy shares with us his firsthand experiences at distilleries around the world that proves that not all is as it seems when it comes to alcohol.

Enter OK certified Terressentia – a boutique brand with a state of the art distilling process. Turn the pages to learn all about their patented process and their pride in being certified kosher.

L’chaim to a wonderful new year!

Wishing you and your families a happy, healthy, sweet and kosher new year,

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman
Editor in Chief