Dear Reader – Pesach 5777

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Chaim-Fogelman-144x144Dear Reader,

As we were writing and arranging this issue of Kosher Spirit, we were simultaneously putting the finishing touches on a long overdue project I’ve wanted to complete for quite some time.

This year, on the 5th of Nissan, is the 30th yahrzeit of Rabbi Berel Levy, ob”m. As most of you know, it was Rabbi Berel Levy who put the “OK” on the kosher map and it was he who set many of the high standards that the OK so vigorously upholds today.

Though I never met Rabbi B. Levy personally, I have heard many stories about him. I remember meeting people in the food industry some 20 years ago, 10 years after his passing, and they had great stories and such fond memories of Rabbi Levy visiting their plants and certifying their products.

Rabbi Berel Levy was a fascinating man and now I’m happy to say we have put together a marvelous book chronicling his life and accomplishments – from his work at Torah U’Mesorah, to his extraordinary trips to the former Soviet Union, and, of course, his role in making the world a more kosher place.

Certainly, Rabbi Levy is still looking down from up above upon this kashrus organization, which meant so much to him, and is, without a doubt, so proud of the OK today under the leadership of his son, Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, shlit”a, together with the work the many rabbonim and staff that put heart and soul into continuing his wishes and legacy.

On a yahrzeit there is a custom to bless the descendants and wish them a long and healthy life, so I take this opportunity to bless Rabbi Don Yoel Levy with much success in all his endeavors, and to continue leading the OK with gusto. To all the rabbonim, mashgichim, account representatives, support staff, and all those that work at the OK: May Hashem fulfill all your desires, and shower you all with health, nachas, wisdom, and siyata d’shmaya. And, most of all
שלא נטמא את הטהור ולא נתיר את האסור ושלא נאסור את המותר

Keep an eye out for this inspiring book and learn about the remarkable life of Rabbi Berel Levy.

Wishing you all a very “kosher” and happy Pesach,

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman
Editor in Chief