OK Certified Parvella Chocolate Spread by Parvella International won Best in Show in the annual New Product Competition that precedes Kosherfest! Parvella beat out hundreds of new products in this annual competition judged by a panel of consumers and experts.


chocolate-factoryIs Dark Chocolate really dairy free?

Is Dark Chocolate really dairy free? A 2014 FDA study revealed that over 50% of surveyed dark chocolate tested positive for milk even when NO DAIRY INGREDIENTS WERE LISTED ON THE LABEL! This study shows what kosher certifications agencies have known all along – production methods affect the pareve or dairy status of products, even when the product does not officially contain milk!

Please note: when Pareve chocolate says “May contain traces of milk” this can refer to airborne particles and is only an allergen warning that does not affect kosher pareve status.

music-notesDear Kosher Spirit,

The effect of OK Kosher is surprising and profound. While on hold, a caller and her mother were listening to the “on hold music”. They said they chouldn’t remember why they stopped lighting Shabbos candles and decided to light them again and were so happy to receive the CD from the office. —Chanie R.