Cholov Yisroel dairy products have the participation of an observant Jew from the time of the milking of the cows, until the final product is packaged and sealed. Many Jewish consumers consume only Cholov Yisroel dairy products, while others rely on a widespread leniency to rely on the government regulations to ensure that the dairy products contain only milk from kosher animals. OK certified products that are Cholov Yisroel will state such on the package using the words “Cholov Yisroel”, “CY”, or “חלב ישראל”. Please check this list often as the Cholov Yisroel status is subject to change.

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Brand Name Product Name Symbol Status KID
15th Avenue Cheese Cake Plain or Marble OK D SYMBOL Dairy | Yoshon | Cholov Yisroel BBKZSGZ
15th Avenue Cheese Danish & Pastry OK D SYMBOL Dairy | Yoshon | Cholov Yisroel | Pas Yisroel LLGMQNB
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