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To the world he was Rabbi Levy, Kashrus Administrator. To me he was simply Tatty or Abba depending on the day! Throughout his battle with COVID-19 and after his untimely passing I find myself asking “Ta, what should I do?” I feel his presence constantly and I know he is at my side.

I had the privilege of working alongside my dear father at OK Kosher and I enjoyed an extremely close working relationship. I admired my father’s scrupulous honesty, determination to do the right thing and adherence to the highest standards of kashrus without compromise.

My father has always been my role model. I’ve always watched in awe as my father held himself to the highest standards in Judaism. His motto for Kashrus without compromise was swiftly translated to all areas in his life. However it is important to note that he never enforced his high standards on his family. He gave us our space to grow at our own pace.

Whether it was his careful healthy diet and daily exercise to keep healthy or waking at 3:30 am to prepare his numerous shiurim, my dear father kept a busy schedule. However he always had time for his children and grandchildren. I remember studying for my tests and needing help. He would put all his seforim aside and focus completely on my question. He took great pride every time I brought home a good mark. At the same time he didn’t place emphasis if my marks weren’t so high. It just wasn’t an issue or focus. I always knew that respect to my teachers was more

More recently my 13 year old daughter had some questions for school. I heard her call my father and sure enough he helped her just as he helped me so many years ago.

As a young child I took pride in knowing that Kashrus in and out of our home was kept to the highest standards. It didn’t matter if all my friends were eating a snack. If my father didn’t accept the kashrus of it I was proud to keep to his standards. This attitude helped me deal with peer pressure many times.

Although I have always enjoyed a close and easygoing relationship with my father, in the past several years I have leaned on him many times
for advice in my personal life. My father took a keen interest in my children’s education and behavior. He encouraged and advised me to choose their schools wisely and place each child in the school where he/she would thrive the most. He was my biggest cheerleader as I embarked on a journey with my family of learning and growing. Every call included an encouraging word or compliment on my parenting. He was so proud of me! Many times he would call me to discuss something at work while my kids were already home from school. I just needed to show my kids the caller ID that it was Zaidy and they would immediately quiet down.

Dear Tatty, I miss you, I miss your calls, I miss your adorable memojis, I miss your selfies, I miss your encouraging words, I miss you checking up on me just to see how I’m doing. I miss working with you, I miss hearing your voice. My life will never be the same and my world will forever be shattered. I promise you to do my best to perpetuate your legacy and pass it on to my children.