This year add the taste of Hawaii to your harvest celebration with Hawai’i Harvest Honey’s raw artisanal honeys. All are Kosher and USDA certified organic and never heated, so the honey’s beneficial enzymes, pollens and propolis come to you exactly as the bees intended.

Hawai’i Harvest Honey’s honeys are produced at their solar-powered apiary located on the edge of a vast old-growth Ohi’a forest on the slopes of Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s tallest volcano. Here the beekeepers collect their primary harvest, honey made from the nectar of Hawaii’s native Ohi’a Lehua tree. This tree, which grows nowhere else in the world making its honey one of the world’s rarest, yields a delicious, slightly floral honey from its red Lehua blossoms. The Lehua honey compliments, but never competes, with other flavors, whether used in teas, smoothies, or other recipes. The tree and its red blossoms are an important part of Hawaiian culture. The Ohi’a tree is the first plant to emerge from cooling lava, sending up its sapling through the rock and, as it grows, breaking up the lava so other plants can emerge and thrive. Covered in red flowers, it is for many years the only color in an otherwise monochromatic dark landscape of lava.

In 2016 Hawai’i Harvest Honey introduced its distinctive creamy blends of honey combined with fresh, locally-grown organic turmeric and ginger. Their best-selling all-organic Turmeric and Ginger blended with Hawaiian Honey and organic black pepper and their organic Bubba Baba Blue Ginger blended with Hawaiian Honey are natural antibiotics and anti-inflammatories that nourish the body. The blends are produced in small batches for maximum freshness and flavor. On the Hawai’i Harvest Honey website you will find recipes for every meal as well as that use these blends and the Lehua Honey. We’ve included an easy and delicious recipe for Gingered Apple Pinwheel Tarts, a classic autumn pairing of apples and honey. ENJOY!

A few words from Rabbi Shlomo Klein, Rabbinic Coordinator:
“Peter & Mary are an amazing and wonderful couple to work with. Their pure, raw, and natural bee honey is of the highest standards in both quality and kashrus, and tastes delicious, too. The honey is not heated; they use centrifugal force and time to filter the honey and utilize state of the art methods to make sure that no royal jelly or larva get into the honey.”
Hawai’i Harvest Honey is the perfect honey to fulfill the minhag to eat raw honey on Rosh Hashana (see Hagaos Ashr”I R”H 1:4)

To learn more about Hawai’i Harvest Honey and to order their products go to their website, or call them at 808-339-5226.