Chanukah Sparks

• There are two ways that the bracha is recited while lighting the Chanukah menorah: “L’hadlik ner shel Chanukah” and “L’hadlik ner Chanukah.” When we say “L’hadlik ner Chanukah” the Roshei Teivos are Lamed-Nun-Chof which are also the Roshei Teivos for “Notzer Chesed L‘alofim” – “G-d preserves kindness for thousands of generations”. Lamed-Nun-Chof are also the Roshei Teivos for “Nafshanu Chiksah L’Hashem” – “Our souls yearn for G-d.” These phrases are the essence of the message of Chanukah.
– From the Ben Ish Chai

• חשמונאי has the same letters as נאו משיח!

• “Maccabee” means “strong” in Greek and is an acronym for “Mi Chamocha Ba’eilim Hashem.”