The light that Hashem created on the 1st day of creation was very special and different from the light that you and I utilize every day. The light that we know was created on the 4th day when Hashem created the sun, moon and stars. The light from the first day was created and then hidden away. It is called the Or HaGanuz (Hidden Light). Hashem saw that the wicked were unworthy of using that light, so He hid it for special occasions. It was with that light that Adam HaRishon could see from one side of the world to the other (Chagigah 12a).

The Or HaGanuz is connected to the number 36:

When Adam HaRishon was created, there were 36 hours of light from the Or HaGanuz (12 hours on Friday and the entire 24 hours of Shabbos). It became dark for the first time Motzei Shabbos and that is why we make a brocha on fire Motzei Shabbos, in appreciation of Hashem giving fire to bring light to Adam.

The B’ney Yissachar writes that the Or HaGanuz was also hidden in the Chanukah candles. It is no surprise then that we light 36 candles on Chanukah (in total without the shamash)!

The Or HaGanuz is also hidden in the Torah and it has been said that there are 36 references to light in the Torah.

It took Moshe Rabbeinu 36 days to explain the Torah to the Jewish people (Seder HaOlam Rabbah 10).

Moshe Rabbeinu had the power to use the Or HaGanuz as well. He was born 36 years after the oppression in Egypt began.

When Moshe Rabbeinu was born, the Torah says the house filled with light (the Or HaGanuz). There is a tradition (not often practiced) that the Tes in “Va’yar ki tov” has 4 crowns (the letter Tes usually only has 3 crowns), because the numerical value of Tes is 9, and 4×9=36.

The phrase Lamed Vov Tzaddikim (the numerical value of Lamed Vov is 36) can mean, “These are the tzaddikim that have use of the Or HaGanuz.”

Light is also connected with the number 25:

25 is connected to the light created on the 4th day, the light that we know and use.

Chanukah is on the 25th day of the month of Kislev.

The 25th word in Torah is Or.

The Torah says, “Yehi Or. There was light.” Yehi = 25.

We now have a deeper insight into the question that G-d asked Adam: “Ayeka? Where are you?” Aleph Yud Kof Hey = 36, but it can also be split into two words: “Ayeh Kof-Hey? Where is the 25?” meaning, “What did you do with the light that you used?”