Share Your Spirit – Tishrei 5781

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I read, and reread. I read all the azkoros in English. And I read all of them in Hebrew.

I always have loved reading Kosher Spirit. And I always knew the OK was ‘different’.

I always sensed that Rav Don Yoel Levy Z”L was different from, and ‘beyond’ others. This edition taught me. It is very rare that I am moved to tears. And grasp a deep if not fully understandable ‘connection’.

I want to recognize this difference. Today I made a conscious effort to search out in Shoprite, where I happened to be, some OK products I could use for Shavuos. Found some.

I will try to get a list of more from your website and add a few items. As I try to eat healthy I cannot get a whole lot, nor change over everything. But I want to show recognition. The best way for me is to become a more focused consumer of OK certified products.
S. Levine

Please accept my condolences on the petirah of Rabbi Levy A”H. He was an outstanding proponent of the highest standards of kashrus, and he left an indelible mark on the world of kosher.

I met Rabbi Levy a few times at IFF Kosher meetings. He was a dynamic personality, and I remember him vividly. It was apparent from the first meeting that OK Kosher would be a great partner with IFF for Kosher production.

Over the past 20 years, I worked closely with several OK Kosher contacts as we developed IFF’s automated kosher submission process. They were always very
professional and helpful, and I’m sure that this corporate culture emanated from Rabbi Levy. He will be missed.

Tehei Nafsho Tzerura Bitzror HaChayim.
Database Specialist, Global Quality, IFF