Dear Kosher Spirit,
Your in depth article [by Rabbi BenZion Chanowitz] on the details of the kosher wine making process has become a reference source for many consumers!
Best wishes for continued hatzlocha,
A Grateful Consumer


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Dear Kosher Spirit,
I was curious to know the source of the hot water used to pour over the ground coffee in the filter as shown in the device in the photo. I assume it is not directly from the spigot of an urn or a pump pot. Would it be from a cup filled from the urn or pump pot, or is an additional cup (kli shlishi) required? By the way I have never seen this coffee making device, where is it available?
—Shlomo Fried

Ed. Response:
The water must be from a kli shlishi. The device referenced is called a “pour over” and can be purchased online or in stores selling housewares.