Dear Reader,

As we say goodbye to another winter and welcome the spring, I cannot help but notice that it seems like everything around us is changing. From the brutally cold weather patterns to the legalization of hemp-derived supplement products (through the 2018 Farm Bill), things that were simply out of the question just a few years ago seem to be the norm today.

Even in the world of OK Kosher we are seeing things that did not seem possible in the past. In the past few months our rabbis have visited the formerly embargoed nation of Cuba to review ingredients for a kosher certification, certified the first kosher version of Korean uzo jelly tea, and expanded our certification of plant based meat options. Despite the turmoil and constant change in the world, consumers can rest assured that our commitment to kosher without compromise is steadfast and solid. Like the Torah and mitzvos, the laws of kosher are timeless and everlasting. That in no way means that we are just sitting back and doing the same old thing by rote; on the contrary, we are always looking to find new ways to improve and execute our commitment to you, the kosher consumer, to ourselves, and of course, to our Creator.

As we prepare to sit around the Seder table, and as we busy ourselves with old traditions that never change, take a minute to reflect and thank Hashem for the things that stay the same, for Torah and mitzvos, for minhagim, and for our steadfast guide to living that remains our compass no matter what storms are churning around us.

Wishing you a very happy and kosher Pesach filled with preparations for the biggest change of all – the coming of Moshiach speedily in our days.

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman
Editor in Chief