OK mashgichim do more than inspect and supervise food productions. Sometimes they have the zechus of helping Jews observe other mitzvos! Rabbi Yosef Dovid Chanowitz was inspecting the bakery at a major national store, where one of the employees is a traditional Bucharian woman whose kids are frum. She mentioned to Rabbi Chanowitz that she would very much like to leave earlier on Fridays so that she can get home in time for Shabbos. Rabbi Chanowitz spoke to her boss, the bakery manager, and explained the matter. The bakery manager was quite supportive, and he rearranged the employee’s hours so that she leaves early enough on Fridays to get home in time for Shabbos.

Dear Kosher Spirit,

I appreciated your profile of Rebbetzin Levy.
When her husband worked for the JEC in Elizabeth,NJ, ‎I think Rabbi Levy (A’H) was Executive Director for a couple of years, she was my pre-school teacher (they called it primer back then)!
‎Happy to hear that she remains well.