Dear Kosher Spirit,
“I read your excellent article about tevilas keilim.  I would
like to get it in electronic form to email to my family. Please send me the link to the article.”

Thank you.

Kosher Spirit responds:

Dear JP,
The electronic version can be found at
–Kosher Spirit”

Dear Kosher Spirit,
“Good Morning. I love your publication, I read it cover to cover and I even save some of the articles for future references. I was reading about the seder preparations in Kathmandu; it is truly fascinating. However, they mentioned “peeling potatoes, boiling carrots and ROASTING CHICKENS” for the seder. I know that it is the minhag in North America not to eat any roasted meat or chicken at the seder, I was wondering if perhaps the minhag in Kathmandu is different?”


Kosher Spirit responds:

Dear AB,
Thanks for noticing. This was a typographical error and should read “cooking chickens”.
—Kosher Spirit

Dear Kosher Spirit,
“Kosher Spirit is an amazing piece of Torah. Thank you for you insights. I was wondering where to find the sources for Rabbi Yosef Dovid Chanowitz’s article concerning ‘Going with Grain’ – Chodosh in the Diaspora. Thank you again for your amazing website.”

Many thanks,

Kosher Spirit responds:

Dear Boruch,
The sources can be found at
– Kosher Spirit

Dear Kosher Spirit,
“I was delighted to receive Kosher Spirit’s Pesach edition with Ami magazine.  I’ve stopped buying organic produce so was thrilled to learn that it actually doesn’t have more bugs. I had been toying with the idea of making gnocchi for Pesach which would have flopped had I not read the instructions in your magazine. These two items alone were worth the $7 I pay for Ami in Canada!”