Mitzvas Tefillin at Our Daily Bread with an employee, Oliver. First time since his bar mitzvah!

A beautiful note of thanks from our Mivtza Matzah Campaign!


Dear Kosher Spirit,

Please let me know how I can receive the ‘Vegetable Checking Guide’. I especially found the Pesach 5777 issue very interesting and helpful. The question regarding disposable pans requiring tevilas keilim was good to learn. Information regarding root vegetables was well done, informative, and important to know. Checking lettuce! Clear, concise, terrific! And great recipes! The tribute to Rabbi B. Levy, zt”l, was beautifully done.

Thank you. Well done. Kol hakavod!

J. Zwick

Dear Kosher Spirit,

Thank you for taking the time and energy to mail the Kosher Housekeeper book, especially Erev Yom Tov – such a busy time of year. It provided a great and thorough read amongst family and friends; we learned a lot. Tizkee l’mitzvot v’shanim rabot as I continue to turn my house back to chametz!

Ronni K.

Dear Kosher Spirit,

LOVE the veggie checking guide – clear, simple, best thing on checking vegetables yet! I have a lot of things on veggie checking, but this beats them all!

Chaya S.

Dear Kosher Spirit,

We love your magazine and in our Chabad house we find it a very useful tool of spreading Yiddishkeit. Our visitors enjoy the interesting and practical content found in every publication. I was wondering if it would be possible to have 10 copies of every future magazine sent to our Chabad house so we can give out to others.

Thank you in advance!

Raizel N.