Share Your Spirit – Pesach 5772

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Dear Kosher Spirit,
I write on behalf of the Ani Maamin Foundation. The foundation gives presentations on emunah in the frum community, and has been speaking of and giving demonstrations about how we can see Hashem through His creations. One of the demonstrations includes cutting open fruit to display how they resemble specific organs of the body. 

In your Tishrei 5772 Kosher Spirit, you published a beautifully presented article entitled: Healthy Spirit – Hashem’s Pharmacy and we would like permission to make copies of this for schools to give to their students. One specific school in the UK would love to use this for a Tu B’shvat emunah project…

C.M. Ani Maamin Foundation


That’s the Spirit!

Kosher Spirit and OK Kosher Certification would like to commend one of our long-time mashgichim, Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein on the major accomplishment of leading 25 Mayanot-Birthright Israel trips!

Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein

Rabbi Klein is the Executive Director of the Tannebaum Chabad House at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois. Rabbi Klein has (bli ayin hara) brought more than 2,000 Jewish students to Israel through the Mayanot-Birthright Israel program!

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