Share Your Spirit – Chanukah 5772

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Dear Kosher Spirit,
The Chassidus article about the birthday of the world is a really beautiful piece and well put together. I was happy to receive it before Rosh Hashanah and after reading it, I had a great D’var Torah for the Yom Tov table. The magazine as a whole is really beautiful as well! Well designed, not cluttered, great graphics, good font choice and good printing job, and the style consistency makes it really easy and a pleasure to read.



Dear Kosher Spirit,
In your otherwise fine publication, I was alarmed to read the article “Mashgiach Stays on Post Despite Medical Emergency.” The article describes a mashgiach who lost consciousness, was breathing heavily, and whom Hatzalah wanted to take to the hospital.

Despite the potential seriousness of the situation —his symptoms clearly could have been due to a life-threatening medical condition — the mashgiach apparently opted to wait 45 minutes until another mashgiach came to replace him, before consenting to go to the hospital.

Since 1997, when I attended a medical halacha conference sponsored by a Lubavitch-affiliated medical society, I have been privileged to study and learn medical halacha under the tutelage of many of the foremost rabbinic authorities.

I am not aware of a single Orthodox rabbi, let alone a halachic authority, who would condone such a reckless decision, one that characterizes this person as a chasid shoteh (a pious fool).

Furthermore, the article quotes a customer at the restaurant who witnessed the event as viewing favorably the mashgiach’s choice.

I would respectfully suggest that your magazine publish a retraction or clarification so that readers are not misled as to the danger of delaying urgent medical care, during a medical emergency, even for what appears to the person to be the most noble of causes.

L.Z., MD, MA

Editor’s Note: We received many letters about this feature in the Tishrei 5772 issue. We apologize for causing anyone to think that the mashgiach’s life was in danger in order to adhere to OK policies. Surely life and health come first in any life-threatening situation. The mashgiach’s situation was obviously not life threatening and Hatzolah would not allow a patient in danger to stay and wait for a replacement mashgiach. The patient was stable and able to safely wait in the restaurant before receiving follow-up care.

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