Dear Kosher Spirit,
On page 3 of Kosher Spirit, in a comment to a letter, it states that there is no issur bosor becholov on treif meat. This is a mistake. There is definitely an issur bishul bosor becholov on treif beef [a machlokes if there is issur hanoho]. Only on non-kosher animals (eg. pork or rabbit) there is no isur bishul bosor becholov.

HaRav Usher Anshel Eckstein
Belzer Dayan & Rav HaMachshir

Dear Kosher Spirit,
I enjoy your magazine, please keep up the good work. On the bottom right of page 3 of your Spring 2009 issue the Kosher Spirit writes that “the prohibition of basar b’cholov only applies to kosher meat and kosher milk, so the prohibition is not a problem for a Jewish student in a non-kosher culinary school.”

While the statement is true, why do you assume that these culinary schools do not use kosher animals? If you mean to say that they are not using basar kosher, that is correct, they probably are using neveilah. Nevertheless according to most poskim the issur of hanoho still applies to neveilah. The Dagul Mervava is meikal but that is only where there is a monetary loss. The Chasam Sofer was even reluctant to reply on this even in cases of monetary loss. I think a student toying with such a mixture is surely considered to be getting hanoho from it.

All this is spelled out in Pische Teshuva YD 87:6.

Thank you,
Shimshee Rosenberg

Kosher Spirit Responds:
In the last issue of Kosher Spirit [pg. 3] it was implied that it is permissible to cook milk and non-kosher meat together. This is incorrect. It is only permissible to cook milk together with a non-kosher species (e.g. a pig or horse); however it is forbidden to cook non-kosher meat from a kosher species (e.g. meat from a cow that was not properly slaughtered) together with milk. According to most opinions, it is forbidden to derive any benefit (hanoho) from such a mixture as well. We apologize for the confusion.

Dear Kosher Spirit,
We were also helped by Bonei Olam and BH we have them to thank for our beautiful son, but there is also an organization that gives chizuk and support to infertile couples — ATIME — A Torah Infertility Medium of Exchange. Without them, we would have never survived 11 years of infertility, 10 IVF’s, and a 26-week pregnancy loss before the birth of our son in March 2007. Please give credit where credit is due, they are both amazing and needed organizations in the frum community!

Sharon Sommer

Kosher Spirit responds:
We would be remiss if we did not acknowledge the incredible work of ATIME. The organization is truly a blessing for those struggling with infertility. You can reach ATIME through their website:

Dear Kosher Spirit,
Ihad the privilege of reading the Pesach issue of the Kosher Spirit; thanks for sending it to us. I very much enjoyed perusing through the pages. I must acknowledge though that the most beautiful, eloquent, rich and insightful article/page is by far the Editor’s Letter/Editorial. I read it a few times and it just wouldn’t get boring.

Shulem Klein

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