Dear Kosher Spirit,
I very much enjoyed your article about the Center for Kosher Culinary Arts. What a wonderful opportunity for frum Jews to learn the culinary arts. I would like to add something to what you wrote, however. You mentioned how culinary students who were only able to attend non-kosher programs, were not only unable to taste the food they prepared but that since they were cooking non-kosher food, their tools automatically became treif and unusable. This is not the main reason why frum Jews are unable to attend non-kosher culinary school. The main reason is that it is written three times in the Torah, “You shall not boil a kid in the milk of its mother.” Our sages derive from this thrice-repeated mandate, that this verse includes three prohibitions:

1. One may not cook meat and milk together
2. One may not eat milk and meat together
3. One may not derive benefit from a mixture of meat & milk.

Therefore, we see that even though it is unfortunate that a chef’s tools would become treif and they wouldn’t be able to eat from the treif food they’ve made, they are actually prohibited to even cook meat and milk together, which is a large part of the required culinary school curriculum.


Dear YG,
The prohibition of basar v’cholov (mixing milk and meat) only applies to kosher meat and kosher milk, so the prohibition is not a real problem for a Jewish student in a non-kosher culinary school.

Kind Regards,
Kosher Spirit

Dear Kosher Spirit,
I would like to commend you on your beautifully appointed, organized and informative magazine. Your covers are superbly designed; a true delight for the eye.

Mrs. B.

Dear Kosher Spirit,
The Angel Foods article in the Kosher Spirit was fantastic! Thanks to your informative featured story I am receiving a new stream of calls interested in our kitchen! The article really captured what Angel Fund does and the objectives of our Angel Foods program. Can you please send a few copies to me at the following address? Would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for your well-written article. Thanks to you, we hope to assist more culinary entrepreneurs and help them grow and maintain their food business!

Michele Terzi
Branding Director, Angel Fund