• Papers containing Hashem’s name in Hebrew (or any other language), even if not read.
  • Seforim & Siddurim (in Hebrew or any other language).
  • A posuk of Tanach (if it was read).
  • Pictures, stamps or advertisements containing Hashem’s name (if it is readable without a magnifying glass).
  • Mezuzah coverings.
  • Tefillin boxes, tefillin straps & tefillin bags.
  • Gidim of the Torah scroll.

Suggested Shaimos
(These items may be put in shaimos OR wrapped in a bag before disposing in the garbage or recycle bin.)

  • Corner of a paper containing the letters “B”H”
  • Torah articles from magazines (if possible to separate).
  • Tzitzis [Fringes only] (or reuse for kedusha, like bookmark in a sefer).
  • Lulav (or reuse for kedusha, like starting the fire for Biur Chometz).
  • Schach and walls of a sukkah (or reuse for kedusha).
  • Shofar.

Not Shaimos
(But should be treated with respect and wrapped before disposal)

  • Audio/Video tapes, DVDs and CD-ROMs.
  • Children’s homework, parsha sheets & tests (without Hashem’s name in Hebrew).
  • Printed divrei Torah in English (for one-time use).
  • Text including the name of a person or place that also contains a name of Hashem in Hebrew (i.e. Shmuel).
  • Pictures, stamps or advertisements with pesukim of Torah (unless Hashem’s name is readable).
  • Esrog boxes, shofar bags, and lulav covers.
  • Seforim cases & book sleeves.
  • Mezuzah nails.
  • Tallis bags.