By Rabbi Hershel Krinsky, OK Senior Rabbinic Coordinator
When I came to learn in the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva at 770 Eastern Parkway in the summer of 5729 (1969), Reb Leizer had already been there a few years (he was a few years older than me). Two things that I saw right away were:
1) He never wasted any time. He was always learning.
2) He wasn’t a “snob” with his nose in the air. He was very friendly to us new, younger bochurim.

I had the zechus to dorm in the same apartment with him for a year. After Seder Chassidus finished at night, Rabbi Teitelbaum went right back to the apartment and learned Gemara every night with his cousin, Reb Sholom
Ber Levine (the Chief Librarian of the Rebbe’s library). I was told that they eventually finished Shas with Tosafos.

Rabbi Teitelbaum emulated both of these qualities for the remainder of his life, as witnessed by all here at the OK. Whether it was to a client, a rabbi from another agency, or his co-workers here in the office, Rabbi Teitelbaum always knew how to say things with kindness and respect, and everything he said was backed up by Shulchan Oruch & Poskim.

By Rabbi Yitzchok Ort, longtime Field Representative for OK Kosher
I knew Rabbi Teitelbaum for many, many years. We worked on many projects together – some easy, and some very difficult. Reb Leizer always understood the issues and was ready to resolve them without compromising on Halacha. He always gave me guidance on how to deal with the issue and work with the client in a way that engendered
cooperation. Rabbi Teitelbaum will always be remembered for the kind way he treated others. Yehi zichro boruch.