On her yahrzeit, 22 Adar

Those of us who work at OK Kosher feel that we are part of the OK Family. The matriarch of this family was Mrs. Thelma Levy, A”H. I had the privilege of working at OK Kosher for the last several years that Mrs. Levy worked. Mrs. Levy was a sharp administrator, and so dedicated to her work in the organization. She was aware of all of the policies and constantly strived to make sure that everything was organized.

When I started my work at OK Kosher, Mrs. Levy was still using a typewriter for correspondence. However, she embraced new technologies and began using her computer as that became the new way of operating. She would ask for help from the younger staff members but she was not afraid to try out this new way that was foreign to so many people in her generation. She had a love of life and productivity.

Mrs. Levy was so proud of what OK Kosher has accomplished. She was an educated woman with a knack for business who worked side by side with her son and grandchildren in growing OK Kosher. Mrs. Levy’s children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were a tremendous source of nachas for her. Every time we got together, she would make sure to tell me about the latest simcha that she was able to attend and proudly tell about the birth or marriage of her many grandchildren.

Mrs. Levy treated the staff that she worked with like family. I fondly called her Savta, just like her grandchildren. Once she stopped coming into the office regularly, we did not see her as often. Yet, whenever there was an event and she was present, she always showed such interest in how I was doing and how my work was doing. I will always remember the example she set. I was fortunate to know this regal woman.