The OK was recently featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal. The national newspaper, read by over 15 million people daily, highlighted the arduous process by which OK certified companies ready their kitchens and factories for Passover production.

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman, Editor in Chief of Kosher Spirit, and Marketing and Education Director for OK Kosher, was interviewed on behalf of the OK. The beautiful article focused on the basics of kosher laws, the history of OK Kosher Certification, the companies that the OK certifies, and the kosher market as a whole. The article emphasized the OK’s requirement to have a mashgiach temidi in all restaurants and catering services to ensure constant compliance with kosher laws and avoid issues of Bishul Akum (food cooked by a non-Jew). The article even touched on interesting products that the OK has been asked to supervise, including paper bags and dog treats!

We are told that Rabbi Fogelman is only the second Orthodox Jew to ever grace the cover and he was even depicted in the Wall Street Journal’s famous "dot-portrait" format!

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