In Memoriam: Mrs. Miriam Wudowsky A”H

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מרים בת מאיר דב

Mrs. Miriam Wudowsky, a”h, returned her soul to her Creator suddenly, on 8 Tishrei 5777. Mrs. Wudowsky faithfully served consumers for over 20 years, fielding kashrus questions, investigating unauthorized use of the OK symbol, and managing the Mechiras Chometz for all Jewish-owned OK certified companies.

Mrs. Wudowsky spoke to everyone, from colleagues to the most exasperating callers, with warmth, kindness, and patience. She developed a relationship with many consumers, who would call regularly to ask questions and enjoy a few words of conversation. As a colleague, Mrs. Wudowsky was an inspiration to all of us. She came to work each day with a warm smile, an encouraging word, and a dedication to the OK’s mission.

One of her colleagues, and a dear friend, Mrs. Chanie Rothman, describes Mrs. Wudowsky in a way that will resonate with all who knew her. “Mrs. Wudowsky was my teacher. We shared a lunch break for 18 years, where I learned from her every day! Mrs. Wudowsky showed up for life, front and center with a smile. She had a wholeness that spread out and spilled over all.”

Mrs. Wudowsky was first and foremost a dedicated mother, sister, grandmother and great-grandmother. She was so proud of each and every one of her offspring and almost daily, when we greeted Mrs. Wudowsky, she would reply, “I get a mazal tov!” beaming and announcing the latest birth, upsherin, bar mitzvah, engagement or wedding.

Her passing is truly a great loss to all of us at OK Kosher and we pray that her neshoma should have the highest aliyah.