Meet Our Staff: Rabbi Dovid A. Steigman OB”M

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KS: Where did you grow up?
RS: I grew up in London, England and learned in yeshiva in Brunoy, France; K’far Chabad, Israel; and, Yeshivas Toras Emes in Jerusalem, Israel. As a bochur in yeshiva, I was trained in safrus (ritual scribal arts) and after yeshiva I was trained in shechita (ritual slaughter).

KS: What did you do after yeshiva?
RS: After yeshiva, I married my wife Shulamit in 1969 and we moved to Lod, Israel. In Lod, I worked as a sofer (scribe), writing mezuzos, tefillin, megillos, etc.

KS: When did you get involved in hashgacha work?
RS: I first started working in hashgacha in 1970 for London Beth Din.

KS: You were trained in shechita. What companies did you shecht for over your career?
RS: I was a shochet for many different companies, including: Ribco (Rochester, NY), Falls Poultry, Sunflower (York, NE), Essen Chicken (Boston, MA), and a shechita in Mexico.

KS: When did you start working for the OK?
RS: I started working for the OK in 1988, as a shochet in Boston.

KS: What is your current position at the OK?
RS: I am the Rabbinical Coordinator for Platinum Accounts. Essentially, I oversee the largest companies certified by the OK, including Kraft, Snapple, ConAgra, Cargill, Kerry, DSM, Danisco, and others. I work with a great team of people to ensure that every product we certify meets our stringent kashrus standards and that our companies are provided with a high level of customer service.

KS: What makes the OK a special place to work?
RS: I like working at the OK, because of the combined effort and team spirit of all the special people, who are well versed in halacha and the latest technology, that work here. The atmosphere is truly one of a cohesive, bonded unit.

KS: What is best thing about working at the OK?
RS: The best thing about working at the OK is the free coffee (just kidding!). No, really, the fact that everyone can offer his/her own opinion on a matter without fear of being penalized is a really positive aspect about working at the OK.

KS: How would you describe the OK today?
RS: The OK embodies the highest level of kashrus and technology and is a global leader in kosher certification. The success of the OK is based on the fact that each employee has a different strength and the entire agency relies on those individual strengths in order to form the most competent team of experts.

What Other People Say About Rabbi Steigman

I have known Rabbi Steigman for over forty years and I can truly say that he exemplifies the trait of “Tov LaShmayim V’Tov L’Briyos” – good in the eyes of Heaven and good in the eyes of man. He has shown real mesiras nefesh for kashrus over the years by not being afraid of the most powerful figures in kashrus and always having the strength to stand up and speak the truth. With all of Rabbi Steigman’s fine qualities, it is no wonder that he was especially well liked by my father, Rabbi Berel Levy, ob”m. While standing up for halacha and the highest standards of kashrus, Rabbi Steigman has always displayed a certain charm that makes it impossible not to love him.
Rabbi Don Yoel Levy,
Kashrus Administrator, OK Kosher Certification

Rabbi Steigman is a pleasure to work with. He goes the extra mile to make sure that everything gets done in a manner that satisfies the highest kashrus standards and with exceptional customer service.
Estee Butman,
OK Account Representative, Platinum Accounts

Rabbi Steigman is well versed in all kashrus aspects of the “Shulchan Oruch,” to the extent that he is able to explain complicated concepts to the talmid chacham and layman alike. In addition, Rabbi Steigman has the unique capacity to relate to our clients and explain our standards without making them feel inferior. Working with Rabbi Steigman has taught me a vital lesson: If we have respect and perseverance we can achieve anything we want to, respect for the many diverse people we deal with on a daily basis and perseverance in trying until we get it right. That is a formula for success.
Rabbi Yossi Pels,
OK Executive Account Manager

I have known Rabbi Dovid Steigman for many, many years. Through his many years of working in kashrus, he is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of hilchos kashrus. When needed, he does not hesitate to say that he does not know something and needs to find out about it. It is always a pleasure to talk to and work with him, because of his emes, fine middos and derech eretz towards others.
HaRav Aaron Teitelbaum, shlita
Nirbater Rav