The following types of lettuce must be checked according to the instructions below: ARUGULA, BOSTON LETTUCE, CHICORY, ESCAROLE, GREEN LEAF, ICEBERG, ROMAINE, RED LEAF

1. Separate leaves from the head, opening all folds and creases. Soak the lettuce in water with kosher l’Pesach dish soap for five minutes, and then rub each leaf between your fingers. Empty basin by removing lettuce with both hands (holding loosely) in small bunches and shaking them under the water.

2. Put lettuce in a clean basin of fresh water. Swish vigorously. Repeat this step until there is no foam on the surface of the water.

3. Rinse each piece of lettuce, one-by-one, under a strong stream of water.

4. Check one-by-one (on both sides) against a fluorescent light. A light box is recommended for this procedure.

Please do not order any salad mixes containing FRIZEE. If found, remove the frizee, it must be checked the same way as lettuce.