Dear Reader,
One of the lessons that we learn from the little jug of oil on Chanukah is that after the olive is squeezed, the best and purest oil emerges. People are the same; somehow, when we are between a rock and a hard place, we find our inner strength and end up doing better than we did before.

In our ever-changing world, the kashrus community needed to quickly adapt to the new, health-focused rules and regulations – annual visits by Rabbinic Coordinators from our headquarters, regular unannounced visits, mashgiach temidi, and special kosher productions are all more complicated now than last year.
Today, every country and every individual facility has its own set of safety requirements, and as a kosher certification agency with a global customer base, it certainly adds new challenges to the certification process.

At OK Kosher, our commitment and diligence have not been affected by these challenges. On the contrary, we have strengthened our efforts and found new, creative ways for visiting and monitoring the factories we certify. Our rabbis are busy as ever; visits are being made, and in localities that are not allowing outside travelers to enter, local OK rabbis are faithfully conducting extra inspections.

In this Chanukah issue, we bring you an article that Rabbi Levy OB”M wrote about kosher butter, as well as an article about kosher cheese production, based on a series of classes given in memory of Rabbi Levy OB”M by Rabbi Hershel Krinsky, a Senior Rabbinic Coordinator at OK Kosher.

Now, more than ever, it’s comforting to know that some things never change. We are committed to doing the job at hand and ensuring that the kosher consumer can rely on us for products that are kosher without compromise.

I wish you and your family a Chanukah filled with light, health, and happiness.
Rabbi Chaim Fogelman
Editor in Chief
OK Kosher Vaad HaKashrus