Camp L’man Achai Celebrates Bris Of 11 Year-Old Camper
Recently, the Camp L’man Achai family celebrated the bris of 11 year-old Alexander Yakov Dovid (Alex). Five years ago, Alex and his family came to the U.S. from Russia. He attends Chabad’s Released Time program at his public school and his counselors there suggested that Alex attend Camp L’man Achai. At camp, Alex learned to read Hebrew, grew in his understanding of Yiddishkeit and made many new friends.

At the end of camp banquet, Alex spoke about his immense growth at camp and declared his commitment to continue growing further in Yiddishkeit. Ten days later, he celebrated his bris with his family and camp staff who are now his good friends. Rabbi Yisroel Heller, Camp Rabbi and expert mohel, performed the bris and Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, Kashrus Administrator of OK Kosher Certification and long time benefactor of Camp L’man Achai, served as sandek. After witnessing Alex’s commitment and dedication firsthand, both his father and grandfather agreed to have a bris, as well. Following the bris, Alex and his father both had a Pidyon HaBen, as they are both firstborn boys. The Kohen for the Pidyon HaBen was Camp L’man Achai Executive Director Rabbi Shmuel Kleinman.

Rabbi Chaim Fogelman, a regular performer at camp L’man Achai and one of Alex’s favorite Jewish singer, sang his favorite song, “Can You Hear the Footsteps of Moshiach”. Rabbi Fogelman said L’Chaim and told Alex that he was so brave and the envy of all the rabbis in the room for his Mesiras Nefesh. He went on to say, “Surely Avraham Avinu is looking down at this bris and smiling as he welcomes you into Bris Avraham.” Alex’s counselors joined together and bought him an iPod to celebrate the great simcha. The entire simcha was arranged by Rabbi Yitzchok Steinmetz, Director of Camp L’man Achai.

Fifteen years ago, Camp L’man Achai was created to fill the void in Jewish summer camping for boys from non-observant or newly observant families. The camp caters to 7-16 year-old boys and boasts a hand-picked staff of superb counselors from various yeshivos. Camp L’man Achai alumni have successfully gone on to enroll and succeed in Jewish Day Schools, Talmud Torah’s and yeshivos around the world. Ten years ago, Camp L’man Achai purchased its own 162 acre campground in Andes, NY in the Catskill Mountains. The camp can accommodate over 250 children and with a beautiful lake, sports fields and recreational facilities. The camp features a renowned Jewish educational program, as well as off-site trips and on-site extracurricular activities. “This camp is the real deal. It can and it has changed many kids’ lives and opened them up to the beauty of Torah and mitzvos,” said Rabbi Chaim Fogelman.

Camp L’man Achai strives to make the camp experience available to any Jewish boy who is interested in attending and provides large scholarship grants to ensure this is possible.

To contact Camp L’man Achai, please call (718) 436-8255 x107 or email