Smartphone App Takes Guesswork Out of Kosher Travel

Kosher GPS, compatible with Android and iOS devices, provides location based info on kosher restaurants, local minyanim and mikvaos across the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. The app is updated daily and includes access to menus, phone numbers and directions that sync through Waze, Apple or Google Maps. The app will also offer restaurant ratings and reviews in the near future and includes a search feature, enabling one to prepare for a trip in advance.

Kosher GPS now offers free promotions and discounts to restaurants in various locations across the country, with additional restaurants constantly. You simply have to present the highlighted promotion as it appears in the app to the restaurant in order to enjoy their discounts.

The developer has also created a new website called to make preparing for your trip even easier. The site enables you to put in a location and instantly get results for kosher places to eat, places to daven, mikvaos, activities and hotels in the area. The site will allow you to give reviews and update the site about activities and establishments you found interesting.

Consumers are encouraged to call each restaurant to verify the hashgacha and to consult with a rav to determine the reliability of hashgachos.