Jewish homes around the world just finished a marathon of cleaning in preparation for Pesach. Although dust is not chometz, many take this time to do a deep Spring cleaning of their entire home. This cleaning spree has some health benefits that you may not realize!

– Removing dust, mildew and allergens promotes respiratory health and a strong immune system.
– A clean, uncluttered space has a positive effect on daily mood and focus.
– The process of organizing and removing unused and unwanted items from the home can mentally refresh and inspire you and reduce clutter induced
– Thorough cleaning of high contact surfaces (like those in the kitchen and bathroom) can help you prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.
– Tidying the home and designating storage spaces for items can prevent injuries from falling or tripping over loose items.
– Purging older items from the refrigerator and pantry can help prevent foodborne illnesses.
– Reorganizing allows you to put healthy foods front and center and make food prep easier.