Have you ever thought of going kosher, but were so overwhelmed by the process that you didn’t give the idea a second thought? Do you know a friend or family member who has felt this way?

In his latest book, Going Kosher in 30 Days: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide for the Rest of Us, Rabbi Zalman Goldstein dispels the notion that going kosher has to be a stressful, overwhelming experience; a feat only an expert can accomplish. Going Kosher in 30 Days is written in a unique daily study format, with each day featuring different facets of kosher laws, practical kosher observance and spiritual encouragement. Goldstein also features quotations from people learning to go kosher through his system, which makes the goal of going kosher feel much more accessible to the reader.

In his introduction, Rabbi Goldstein discusses some of the spiritual benefits of going kosher. In one section, entitled, “Eating G-d Particles,” Goldstein says, “The Torah states, ‘Man does not live by bread alone, but by the word of G-d’ (Deut. 8:3). According to our Sages, when a person consumes food, the body is nourished by the nutrients in the food, while the soul ‘subsists’ on the G-dly spark contained within the food… Thus, a Jew who is careful to only eat kosher foods enlivens his Jewish soul in a powerful way, allowing it to illuminate fully from within, and ultimately positively affecting those around him.”

Rabbi Goldstein is also careful to translate “kosher jargon,” than can be intimidating to many newcomers, into easy to understand English words and examples. In Day 6, Goldstein devotes an entire chapter to defining common kosher terms, including “batel b’shishim,” “bishul Yisrael,” “Chametz,” “Chalav Yisrael,” “Fleishig,” etc.

In addition to offering detailed study for the kosher novice, Rabbi Goldstein provides an outline of the practical, physical steps and plans that one must make in order to convert one’s home to kosher. Goldstein recommends canvassing a local supermarket to survey the kosher items available, going through your pantry to find what kosher items you already purchase, how to divide your kitchen and appliances, and, finally, how to clean and schedule the kosherizing process. Rabbi Goldstein’s informative, one-of-a-kind kosher handbook, Going Kosher in 30 Days, is an asset to every Jewish home, for both the kosher novice and those who would like to help others integrate kosher living into their Jewish practice.

Rabbi Goldstein is also the author of many books, including the critically acclaimed Jewish ritual companion series. Going Kosher in 30 Days and Rabbi Goldstein’s other books can be purchased at www.JewishLearningGroup.com