Some twenty years ago, as a display of unity, a group organized millions of people to link hands and make a human chain across the entire United States. After the event, a rabbi was asked what he thought about the event. The rabbi replied, “It is thousands of miles wide, but not even an inch deep.”
Our lives are filled with traditions and minhagim that add depth and life to Judaism. During the month of Tishrei, minhagim abound, with many different customs for each holiday. On Rosh Hashanah some place the head of a fish on the table, on Yom Kippur some recite the entire Sefer Tehillim after Kol Nidre, some have the custom to start building the sukkah right after breaking the Yom Kippur fast, on Sukkos many Jews do not even drink water outside of the sukkah, and on Simchas Torah we dance with a closed Sefer Torah and begin the Torah anew with new insights. In this issue, delve into the depths of the minhagim and halachos of kosher fish and learn the inner meanings of our Simchas Torah customs.
We all know that the shortest way from point A to point B is a straight line. But, in the world of kosher transport there are many twists and turns along the way with many important details to consider. Part 1 of Rabbi Levy’s multi-part series on kosher transport will open up your eyes to the depth and complexity of moving kosher goods from one place to the next.
All of us at Kosher Spirit wish you and your families a year of health, happiness, abundance and success in all things, and may your life of Torah and mitzvos increase in breadth and depth.
K’siva v’chasima tova l’shanah tovah u’mesukah