Consumer Questions – Tishrei 5775

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Dear Kosher Spirit,

When making a smoothie in a blender, what level of checking is required on the fruit and vegetables that ordinarily need to be checked for bugs?


The OK responds:

hen making a smoothie, where any minute amount of bugs are liquefied and are botul b’shishim, one is only required to thoroughly wash the produce, not inspect in for bugs. After washing, one is left with only a safek issur. It is not an issue of mevatlin issur l’chatchila because you are left with only a safek issur and are not blending it with the intention to liquefy the bugs, rather to make a liquid drink. You can rely on the fact that you washed the produce well.

This only applies when using a professional strength blender that is capable of fully liquefying produce (Vitamix, Blendtec, Ninja, etc.). Some basic home blenders will not be able to fully liquefy the produce and often leave small chunks that were not fully blended.