Dear OK,

Is it permissible to use pre-cut, peeled vegetables or fruits (that do not require Bedikas tolaim) without a Kosher for passover hechsher on Pesach?

Rabbi Hanoka responds:

Even products that seem to be innocuous, kashrus-wise, often go through some form of minimal processing that can cause a kashrus concern. Given the extra stringencies common on Pesach, consumers should be aware that peeled vegetables and fruits are often soaked or washed in a water solution that contains a small percentage of preservatives to lengthen the shelf-life of the product itself, as well as to enhance color retention. These preservatives are often derivatives of kitniyos and possibly chometz, as well. Therefore, it is proper to look for a reliable Passover hechsher when considering these types of products to ensure that they are free of the above concerns.

In addition, one should be sure to carefully wash all fresh fruits and vegetables (even if you plan to peel them) on Pesach to ensure that no wax residue, which may contain kitniyos or chometz, remains on the produce.