3 Advantages to Consider for Your OK Kosher Programs

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As your partners in kosher certification, OK Kosher appreciates the deep commitment that you have invested in your program with.  We want to honor that and continue to help you grow.  Here are three advantages to consider in maintaining your kosher programs.  Tap into these benefits in order to get more out of your company’s kosher certification.

Speed to Market

  • Our objective is to help you put things in motion. Whether it’s introducing an additional product, Private Label customer, facility, co-packer or toll manufacturer, our support team has the experience and manpower to achieve your deadlines professionally and quickly. If you are not yet familiar with how to request any of the above, please reach out to your contact at OK Kosher, who will be happy to provide further information.

Adding New Products and Ingredients

  • Typically, there is no added fee to certify additional products within an OK Kosher certified facility, if the new product does not increase the number of visits required at the production facility or substantially increase the work volume. In general, our online portal DigitalKosher should be used for these submissions.  In cases where the new approval will cause additional fees, your OK Kosher Account Representative will always provide you with transparent information.

Best Practices Using the OK Kosher Symbol

  • To maximize your investment in kosher, it is important for the kosher symbol to be printed clearly on your labels and website, prominently displayed and large enough that consumers can easily see it.  Remember that OK Kosher is one of your key selling points and should be utilized to the fullest. Visit our Guide for Using the OK Kosher Symbol for the details.

We hope you will make use of these advantages to consider for enhancing what kosher can do for you.  It is our goal that you turn to OK Kosher your in-house kosher experts for any and all kosher matters.  Always feel free to reach out – we’re here for you!

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