It might appear my thinking’s convoluted at its best.
But for me, it’s nothing less than a spiritual quest.
Each person in this life is given his or her own test
and for me it’s been to worry.
I worry about tomorrow,
I worry about today
I worry that you’ll leave me,
Then I worry that you’ll stay.
I can’t make up my mind
Because I know that either way
All I’m gonna do is worry.
I worry about my job,
I’m afraid I might get fired.
It’s really so ridiculous
I haven’t even been hired.
Why Should I let that stop me?
When I’m obviously inspired
to worry, worry, worry.
Oooooh I’m a black belt in panic
and I feel that peace of mind
Only tends to make me manic.
My friends say I should loosen up
With all that I have learned.
But the fact that they have mentioned it,
leaves me concerned.
And if it’s only my own craziness,
At least its been well earned.
Ooh, I worry.
Oooh it’s not really my profession,
Friends say it’s a compulsion
But they’re dead wrong
It’s merely an obsession.
Doctors say that worry implies a lack of trust
But I never trusted doctors’
And I don’t see why I must.
When every year some rotten flu turns all
their theories into dust,
Ooh, I worry.
But what if I’m wrong
Ooh that would grieve me,
And what if I’m right.
Where exactly does that leave me.
Well I worry about the planet,
the water and the air.
I’m dressing for success,
But I’m not sure what to wear
The only thing that I don’t worry about
Because it’s always there
Ooh, ooh, is my worry.
How do I look tonight
Ooh, ooh, I worry.