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Cybros the Sprouted Bakehouse, a leading producer of fresh sprouted grain breads, today announced that it will use only non-­genetically modified grains, natural sunflower oil, and locally sourced domestic honey in all of its bread products. The company also announced it is changing its name to Angelic Bakehouse to better reflect the wholesome goodness of its breads. Owners Jenny and James Marino said the ingredient upgrades and name change are part of a series of moves that position the family-­owned company for continued growth and potential national distribution opportunities, while maintaining the product purity and quality customers have come to expect. The changes mean that Angelic Bakehouse will add more premium ingredients to its unique and growing product line made primarily from unprocessed sprouted whole grains, instead of traditional flour. Additionally, to limit allergens in its products, the company will discontinue cookies and other non-­sprouted grain products that contain soy or treenuts.

Angelic Bakehouse’s improved products made their debut – with all-new packaging, updated nutritional information and a new “Oh so pure” tagline – on store shelves at the end of February. President Jenny Marino said an ingredient upgrade makes good business sense at this point in the company’s growth. The company’s sales have tripled since the Marinos bought the bakehouse in 2009. “The GMO-­free movement is really gaining steam among health-­conscious consumers,” she said. “As a family, we believe in it and, as business owners, we saw a tremendous opportunity to get ahead of the curve. We’re making great sprouted grain breads even better and our company even stronger with higher-­quality ingredients that have wonderful taste and real appeal in today’s marketplace.”

Marino added that Angelic Bakehouse’s “Pure Promise” to customers – demonstrated not only through GMO-­free ingredients and a commitment to sprouted grains, but also through locally sourced domestic honey and the use of no artificial sweeteners, fats, or preservatives – help the company’s products stand out. “The bread aisle is a ‘Sea of Sameness,’ with every brand promoting itself as natural and a good source of this or that. But we know most products can’t touch ours in terms of purity and quality of ingredients,” she said. “Our Pure Promise – with GMO-­free grains, sunflower oil, and an insistence on honey sourced in the U.S.A. ensures that Angelic Bakehouse products contain the very purest ingredients. Our research shows that’s what today’s consumers want, and now, we are in a better position to provide it.”

Executive Vice President James Marino said Angelic Bakehouse also recently attained the OK-Pas Yisroel Kosher Certification, one of the world’s most respected symbols of kosher approval. He said the national kosher certification will allow the company, which currently distributes its breads to grocery and specialty stores across the Midwest and in markets in both the Northeast and Southeast parts of the country, to explore expanded national distribution opportunities.

To match its new opportunities, the company is finalizing plans to select a Southeast Wisconsin location for a new, 22,000-­square-­foot facility that it will occupy by the end of the year. Jenny Marino said the new facility will offer the company the opportunity to increase production, expand product lines and pursue additional channels. “Cybros was the foundation for our success, and Angelic is our future,” she said.

“Our family is thrilled with the success our company has achieved over the past three years. That growth has made it possible for us to make these changes now, and we feel very positive about what’s ahead. These changes are just the beginning of many more exciting, pure and delicious things to come.”

About Angelic Bakehouse Angelic Bakehouse is the only company in the central and eastern United States that uses freshly ground sprouted grains, whole grains in their purest form, to create natural, sprouted grain products that truly taste great – no cardboard aftertaste that consumers often find with healthier, good-­for-­you fare. Pure ingredients. Pure products. Pure quality. That’s what you can expect from Angelic Bakehouse. To find out more, or for Angelic Bakehouse retailers near you, visit www.AngelicBakehouse.com.

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